Almost every state has laws stating that people have auto insurance, but the actual regulations regarding auto insurance vary from state to state - so the type of coverage that you require depends on the state in which you live in.

Even if there are no laws, it is highly recommended that you have some form of cover; otherwise you may end up paying out huge amounts of money in the event of an accident, or even losing your home, in a worst-case scenario.

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Do Discounts Mean Sacrificing Coverage?

It has often been said, "You get what you pay for!" This is true of most things but not everything. Major companies like Geico or Government Employees Insurance Company, and Esurance, Liberty Mutual, 20th Century and others have enough members to offer discounts to many. There are a variety of ways to get discounts on insurance that do not mean sacrificing coverage.

The type of car you drive, having airbags, adding an alarm to the car, having anti-lock brakes, having a 3.0 or higher qualifies students in Saratoga County, NY for a discount, being a good driver -no tickets or accident for a 3-5 year period-, maintaining continuous coverage for at least six months, turning thirty, having good credit, parking the car in a secured garage, how many types of insurance you have with the company, living in a rural, low crime, or less crowded area all play a factor in the type of discounts you are eligible for. Each of these discounts requires no sacrifice in coverage at all. Another opportunity to discount your premium and not your coverage is joining a credit union or group that offers discounts, AAA, FFA, or even certain unions entitles you to a discount. There are groups that for a small fee will allow otherwise non members to join and then take advantage of discounted rates.

It is important to evaluate coverage from each individual company you are considering. While personalized service is terrific it may not be worth sacrificing guaranteed payment in the event of an accident. Check the company's rating the higher the grade the more likely your claims and concerns will be handled n a timely manner. Check for longevity, with the advent of the internet businesses pop up everyday. If the insurance company you are considering does not have a proven track record of supporting their clients by paying claims and avoiding litigation if possible then the discount is probably not enough to merit your attention.

There is no need to sacrifice quality in order to get a discount. You may spend a little extra time upfront researching the best deal but in the end you will have acquired a rate that offers quality and coverage.

Car Insurance Q & A

Question: If someone borrows my car and crashes it, does my insurance apply, or does theirs?
Answer: Generally speaking, the liability follows the car, so your insurance would apply, as it is your car. The liability insurance of the driver often pays the additional amount if the costs payable are above your policy limits.

Question: If a child goes to college with mom or dad’s car, are they covered under the parents’ personal auto policy?
Answer: This can vary from company to company. Check with the insurance provider and make sure that the child is listed as an additional driver. Do this before the child goes to college, and it will avoid unnecessary disputes later on.

Question: Do I need ‘gap’ insurance?
Answer: If your vehicle is on finance, and its value is now less than the amount you owe, then yes you need gap insurance. If you owe less than its value, then no, you do not need gap insurance.